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New Mexico


As of 03-20-2024 Four Queens has temporarily removed all strike machines from the casino floor.

As of 11/7/23 Red Rock has removed their machines yet again.

January 2023 Four Queens has installed a second $40 silver strike machine.

Derek Mormino

Today (20 July 2022) I talked to the slot manager at Sky City in NM and the machines are on the floor and in play.
Freddie Patterson, SS-1576

As of October 6, 2021 El Cortez has remove their strike machine.
Archie Barnes

As of August 25, 2021 the Coushatta Casino removed all machines.
Route 66 one machine removed.
El Cortez different strikes in play.

As of May 7, 2021 the Coushatta Casino is down to one machine, still in same spot on floor.
Freddie Patterson

As of January 23, 2020 the Plaza Casino installed two new strike machines, both one liners.

As of July 10, 2019 the Route 66 Casino installed two new strike machines, both one liners.

As of June 2019 the Four Queens Casino installed two new strike machines, one is a three liner.

As of January 24, 2018 the Four Queens Casino activated a strike machine that dispenses $10 & $40 strikes.

Please be aware as of October 27th the Silver Strike machine at the Venetian and Palazzo is no longer offered.  The company has decided to discontinue this particular machine. I would like to thank you and your club for your support of the years.
Tony Flores, Slot Manager

The Venetian strike machine has been removed. The strike machine at the Palazzo is still in play and full of strikes.
Thanks to: Warren Schaefer, SS-185 (06-27-17)

As a follow up to the article I had submitted for the Silver Strike newsletter which was issued yesterday. I contacted the owner General Manager of Johnny Nolon';s, David Mintner. Sadly, he informed me that the machine has been since removed.  It will no longer be at Johnny Nolon's.
Thanks to: Jim Nares, SS-1545) (02-21-17)

Sam's Town strike machine removed.
Thanks to: Warren Schaefer, SS-185 (11-03-16)

Mirage strike machines removed and strike program discontinued. Even the strike machine.
Thanks to: Warren Schaefer, SS-185 (05-13-16)

Was in Virginia city 2 weeks ago and the casino lost its license and all the machines were gone (Delta Saloon). Even the strike machine.
Thanks to: Robert W. Miller (10-02-15

Just thought I would pass this along. I was in the Reno area this past weekend and decided to take a trip to the Delta Saloon to check out there Silver Strike Machine but to my surprise it was out of order. I then talked to a lady that was running the cashiers cage and asked about the strike machine and she said it has been out of order for the past few weeks and that they are out of strikes and don't know when or if they will be getting anymore.
Thanks to: Spencer Travis (09-10-15)

The one at the Delta Saloon is empty and I don't think that they are getting more coins according to the Lady in the Cage.
Thanks to: Richard Thoreen (09-09-15)

I was just in Vegas this past weekend and noticed that the El Cortez has put there Silver Strike slot back in play located not to far from the players card desk.
Thanks to: Spencer Travis (05-21-15)

I thought I would pass along some info I just discovered this past Monday, March 30, 2015. I visited the El Cortez Casino to play the Silver Strike Slots. I was disappointed when I turned the corner and discovered the machine was not there. I was hoping it had been moved. I contacted one of the floor casino staff. She stated it was still there. When she went to show me, she was shocked and stated it was there before her two days off on Friday.  When she inquired, she told me she was told it was removed but would be back sometime in April. That was all the info she had or would pass along. So it appears it was removed over the past weekend and should be returned sometime this month (April).
Thanks to: Jim Nares