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Hot News 12-28-2008

Helen Lee

My deepest condolences go out to the family of Helen Lee. The Silver Strikers prayers go out to your family.

Ralph Fajardo


Silver Strikers Club

Hot News 12-25-2008

Holliday Greetings

This is the time for family, friends and happiness. Here's wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday. Merry Christmas to all.

Ralph Fajardo


Silver Strikers Club

Hot News 12-22-2008

Janice O'Neal

My deepest condolences go out to the family of Janice O'Neal. She is a great lady whose passing will be greatly missed by members and friends of the Silver Strikers club. Janice was one of the first persons to create a silver strikers list that members could follow. My prayers go out to her family.

Ralph Fajardo


Silver Strikers Club

Hot News 12-10-2008

Silver Strikers Club Officer Nominations (Correction)

These are the nominations for the officers.

  • President - Bill Jollie
  • 1st VP - Cheri Jollie
  • 2nd VP - ? If there is anyone who would like to be 2nd VP Please E-mail me.
  • Treasurer - Judy Barton
  • Secretary - ? If there is anyone who would like to be Secretary Please E-mail me.

Thank you to everyone.

Sue Cohenour


Hot News 12-07-2008

Silver Strikers Club Coins

2008 we have 34 left
2007 we have 13 left
These would make an excellent stocking stuffer for Christmas. I will guarantee that they will be shipped in time for Christmas morning!!!
2007 and 2008 club coin Order form PDF Document

Thanks, Judy

Hot News 11-26-2008

Convention Activities, June 2009

Greetings everyone!!

Trade session for June 2009 convention will be on Wednesday June 24, 2009 from 2:00pm until 6:00pm in the Royal Pavillion room at Four Queens. We should not interfere with any functions by the CC&GTCC personnel. The annual party will be held on Friday June 26, 2009 from 6:00pm until 10:00pm in the Royal Room at the Four Queens. This is on the 2nd floor of the casino/hotel. Admittance to the party will be for sure members, with your membership cards!! This action is becoming necessary, Be sure and bring your membership card in order to attend the party - we will have food, prizes, trade session also.

Thank you,

Your Board of Directors

Hot News 11-25-2008

Silver Strikers Club Officer Nominations

These are the nominations for the officers.

  • President - Bill Jollie
  • 1st VP - Cheri Jollie
  • 2nd VP - Jo Reifer
  • Treasurer - Judy Barton
  • Secretary - ? If there is anyone who would like to be Secretary Please E-mail me.

Thank you to everyone.

Sue Cohenour


Hot News 11-20-2008

2009 Tournament Strike Approvals

Shaun of the Four Queens has provided the 2009 Tournament Strike Approvals in pdf format, click on the links below.

$200 Cleopatra - Queen of the Nile PDF Document

$10 Cleopatra - Queen of the Nile PDF Document

$10 Famous Queens of History - Cleopatra PDF Document


Hot News 11-17-2008

Next Newsletter Deadline Reminder

Please Note --- the deadline for anyone to place something in the next newsletter edition 4th quarter -- October/November/December 2008 edition.

Will be December 1st.

You can contact me Dan Hanagriff at if you have something you would like to place in the next SS club newsletter.  If you think you have a idea or something that would/could go in the newsletter.

Please do not hesitate to email me.


Thank you, Dan

Hot News 10-31-2008

All members

We have been auditing the membership of the club and now find that we are down to over 400 members. There were over two hundred members who failed to pay their annual dues. These members were sent reminder cards two months before their dues were to expire. They were then given another month after the expiration date before being deleted from the club.

During the annual club party, members will be asked to provide their membership card. The current roster will also be available to assure updated membership. Unpaid members will have the opportunity to make up their dues to attend the party. Some members wrote to ascertain as to why they have not received their newsletter.

These members were over a year behind in their dues and were deleted from the club. After explaining the situation, the member did not respond and still did not pay the dues. Another problem we are having is that many members email address or their home address is not current therefore having the newsletters rejected and sent back.

If you have changed your home address or your email address, please contact Leroy Rico at and have it updated.

Ralph Fajardo


Silver Strikers Club

Hot News 10-19-2008

Silver Strikers Club Drawing Contest

Time is running out to get your drawings in for the fourth annual drawing contest. Remember, Dec. first is the deadline. Jo Riefer the contest chairperson has volunteered to convert your hand drawn entry into a computer enhanced version for your approval. This year’s coin will again be .999 pure Silver with a brass rim.  Now is the time to get it going.  Club Coin Contest Rules PDF Document

Thanks Jeff

Hot News 10-09-2008

Looking For Pumpkins In Vegas

Halloween sounds like a great time to be in Vegas. I’m not sure that you will find pumpkins but I hear there will be some ghosts and bats there. Friday October 31, 2008 the Four Queens and the Palms will be releasing their new Halloween $200 silver strikes. The Four Queens $200 has a Halloween ghost and the Palms has Halloween bats. There is also a possibility that Sam’s Town might have their new $200 silver strike Mystic Falls Park and hopes to release it Halloween weekend.

Hope to see you there.


Hot News 09-17-2008

SSOY & HOF 2007 Winners

Strike of the Year - Four Queens $200 777

Hall of Fame - Las Vegas Club $200 77 Silver Strikers 7th Anniv.

Thank you for everybody that voted this year.

Sue Cohenour

Chair for the Hall of Fame

Hot News 09-15-2008

To all Members:

There has been a change in the Hall of Fame strike for 2006. Due to an error on my part the Four Queens $200 Vegas Christmas Strike was selected two years in a row. I guess everyone really likes this strike but a strike is only allowed to win once. We have decided to default to the second place winner which is the Four Queens $10 Joker Red Cap, there was only one vote difference between first and second place.  Sorry for the confusion this might have caused.

Jo Riefer

Chair for the Hall of Fame

Hot News 08-30-2008


In a previous club website information note. I placed the wrong SS Club issue # in the information note. I said it was issue # 53. The right issue # is #52.
PLEASE NOTE: the submission dead line for the next SS Club newsletter still is September 1.


Dan Hanagriff

Hot News 08-24-2008

Newsletter Dead line for Submissions

The dead line for something to be placed in the next Silver Strikes Club newsletter # 53. Will be September 1, 2008. If for some reason you need more time to submit a article for the newsletter. Please email me I will see if more time is possible I can’t guarantee it though. The newsletter ALWAYS needs information pertaining to silver striking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan Hanagriff

Hot News 08-21-2008

4th Annual Silver Strikers Design Contest

It’s that time of year again to start entering your drawings for the 2009 Club Coin. Our current Chairperson Jo Riefer has decided to start the contest early this year to try and get a jump on the long time table to get strikes minted in order to have them ready for the convention.  Club Coin Contest Rules 2009 PDF Document to get all the rules for the contest.  Jo has also volunteered to take any-ones hand done drawing and computer enhance it for your approval. The deadline this year will be December 1, 2008 to have your drawings submitted. The Board will choose six finalist by the 15th of December in order to start the voting on or before the 25th. Voting will end on February 15Th, 2009.

Good Luck everybody, lets have some fun ! !

Jeff Bitzer

Hot News 08-20-2008

Striking is a changing

The Great $200 Silver Strike Release was a grand success. It was wonderful to see so many strikers there to play for and pick up their strikes. The club and collectors were there to support these four casinos who are running and plan on continuing having a good strike program. Judy and I had the opportunity to meet with Binion's, Four Queens, Palms, and Sam’s Town and to discuss some of the ideas and rumors we are facing in the future. I first want to mention that all of these casinos support and want to continue having a $10 silver strike .999. At this time its appears that a clad, HSP, bi-metal strike has been approved by the Nevada Gaming Board. As for the $200 silver strike becoming a $300, this has not been approved but it’s on the list. There is apparently a new stamping/minting procedure is in the process of approval but I am not sure if this is a new procedure or the $200 being a $300. The mint will be meeting with the casino managers in the next few weeks and these details will be coming out in the next few months to come. I hope everyone will keep a positive attitude. The Four Queens has a date for their Silver Strike Slot Tournament and convention sometime in the summer. Things are happening, ideas are flying of things to do for the future. There will be a club, there will be strikes and we will have many opportunities for events, silver strikes and seeing friends.

Pam Martin

Hot News 08-18-2008

Sam’s Town New Red Caps

Sam’s Town just released their first red cap, Wolf. This is the first of five red caps. They will be releasing them one at a time. There are five red caps and three $200 on order for Sam’s Town, all relating to Mystic Park.  They are waiting for the arrival of another red cap and approval of their first $200. I will keep you updated as soon as I get any information.

Pam Martin

Hot News 08-17-2008

Silver Strike Play Booming in Vegas

Latest pictures of Strikers in Vegas on the hunt for silver strikes.

Pictures provided by Bill Cohenour - Pictures here.

Hot News 08-14-2008

Coin sales are going great!! Get yours before they are all gone.

We have 18 left of the 2007 and 36 left of the 2008 --- get yours now.

Club Coin Order Form 2008 PDF Document

Judy Barton


Silver Strikers Club

Hot News 08-05-2008

It’s the Great $200 Silver Strike release week end!

Looks like the Palms will be releasing their new $200 the Cuda on Thursday August 7, 2008 at 3:00 p.m. The Four Queens will be releasing their new $200 celebrating 8-8-8 on Friday August 8, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. and Binions will be releasing their FIRST $200 on Friday August 8, 2008 at 11:00 a.m. Looking forward to a great striking weekend in Vegas. Hope to see you there thanks


Hot News 07-25-2008

2009 Silver Strike Tournament

January 23, 24, & 25, 2009

The Four Queens will be hosting the Strike Tournament.
Four Queens Winter 2009 Tournament PDF Document.


Hot News 07-24-2008

Strikes, Strikes, and Strikes!

August 8, 2008

The Four Queens will be releasing their new $200 the Year of the Rat 8-8-8. The Palms will be releasing their new car series plus the new $200 Cuda. Binion's will be releasing their first $200 I do not have definite times but sometime during this weekend all three casinos will be coming out with their new strikes. Hope this gives many time to make plans for a trip to Vegas and looking forward to seeing you there.


Hot News 07-21-2008

Everybody Please Note:

That the latest SS Club newsletter # 51 April/May/June edition has the wrong email address for the SS Club webmaster. And that the correct email address for the SS Club webmaster is:

Sorry everyone for putting the wrong website email address in the newsletter.

This will be corrected in the next SS Club newsletter.


Hot News 07-10-2008

2008 Club Coin

Just to let everyone know I HAVE COINS!!!!!

Don and I will start packaging these and mailing as of 7/11/08.

Pretty lucky number if you ask me.

I had to call Mike Needham at the factory - they mailed the coins - but no airtites. So he had to ship me some airtites so that we assemble the coins to get ready for shipping.

We are starting to ship coins out now - I would appreciate it.

Thanks for everyone’s patience in waiting.

Judy Barton

Hot News 07-07-2008

Palms Approved Strikes

Palms casino has a new $200 strike and a $10 strikes approved, link requires Adobe PDF reader.  Palms casino new $200 and $10 strikes PDF Document

Thanks to James Martin

Hot News 06-30-2008

Publicity & Promotions Chair

The new chairperson for the Publicity and Promotions position is Pam Martin.  She will effectively take this position today 6-30-08.

Pam Martin can be contacted at:

Thank you,

Ralph Fajardo

President Silver Strikers Club

Hot News 06-29-2008

Club Chairs

Due to the fact that the current Elections chair is unable to assist due to medical problems, I have appointed Sue Cohenour as the new Chair for the Elections and Strike of the Year position. For information regarding the upcoming election, you may contact her at I will also be looking at replacing other chair positions. If any member is interested please contact me at

Thank you,

Ralph Fajardo

President Silver Strikers Club

Hot News 06-25-2008

Nomination of officers for the Silver Strikers Club

All Members

It is time for nominations for all club officers positions:

  • President
  • 1st Vice President
  • 2nd Vice President
  • 4. Secretary
  • Treasurer

Applications for nominations will be in the next newsletter.

Thank you,

Ralph Fajardo

President Silver Strikers Club

Hot News 06-25-2008

Annual Convention and Party

All Members

The annual convention and party was a blast.  I believe everyone had a great time. I was able to place many names with faces as well as meet many new members. Many issues were discussed as the club meeting.  Articles such as the current trend of the silver strike program, the process of making the new club coin and the memberships roster and dues.

Convention Pictures    Silver Strikers Party Pictures

The enlightening point was given by Mr. Tim Rambo the Slot Manager of Sam’s Town.  Mr. Rambo was the speaker for the club forum. They plan on adding another machine and more strikes to the program. The Palms has also added another machine and plan to have more strikes. Our annual club party was also successful with many members attending. We had great food, drinks and door prizes. The trade session following the dinner was also a great success for the members. I want to thank all members for their participation and dedication in making our convention successful. I hope to see all of you first in January 23, 24, and 25 where there will be another silver strike slot tournament at the Four Queens Casino. If not I’ll see you at our next convention.

Thank you,

Ralph Fajardo

President Silver Strikers Club

Hot News 04-07-2008


Anyone wishing to purchase the new 2008 club coin please cut and paste the attached order form 2000 Club Coin Order form PDF Document.  Price of the coin is $37.00.  There are only 253 coins available for sale. There also are a few 2007 coins available for $30.00 each. Anyone purchasing coins who lives in Nevada please fill in the County you live in.


Pam Martin

Hot News 03-24-2008


Congratulations to Mrs. Jo Riefer, winner of the club coin design contest with her "Silver Strikers Celebrate - 9th Anniversary" design (design #1 on post card).

  • . . . and to these runners-up club members:
  • Scott Donk, 1st runner up (design #2 on post card)
  • Patrick Pettit, 2nd runner up (design #4 on post card)
  • Robert Likes, 3rd runner up (design #6 on post card)
  • Leroy Rico, 4th runner up (design #5 on post card)
  • Jamie White, 5th runner up (design #3 on post card)

Congratulations to Mrs. Jo Riefer, winner of the club coin design contest with her "Silver Strikers Celebrate - 9th Anniversary" design (design #1 on post card).

And congratulations to each of the other 44 strikers who entered this year's design competition and to the 160 strikers who sent in their votes. My heartfelt thanks to Jeff Bitzer for publicizing the contest on the club's website/message center.Jim Moser

The official awards to all winners will be presented at this year's convention in June.

See you there!

Bill Metten, Chairman

2008 Club Coin Design Contest

Hot News 03-21-2008

Looking For WebMaster Replacement

After creating and developing the Club Website I find that health issues have made it increasingly difficult to maintain and axpand the website for the club. I continue to have heart issues ever since the bypass operation 15 months ago and a few weeks ago I had a pacemaker installed. I still have heart issues and will work through them. But for the clubs interest to be protected and the website to continue to grow and stay current I must ask for volunteers to submit there names to take my place as Web Master. The job is a non paying function for the club. Please contact myself or Ralph.

Thanks to all those that helped me with the site over the past years.

Thank You

Jim Moser


Ralph Fajardo


Silver Strikers Club

Hot News 03-21-2008

Important reminder to the membership

Upon auditing the club roster, it was learned that 158 members failed to send in their annual membership fees. Many members have responded to the courtesy card that was developed and sent out to remind them. However, many other members have not responded at all.

The task of developing these cards, logging the information, checking and rechecking the expiration dates and mailing expenses is a continuing and time consuming problem.  Some members have been informed more than once about their failure to submit their dues.

If you check your roster, it will give you your expiration date. If you dont have one you may purchase one from VP Leroy Rico. email:

It is only fair to warn all members that two months after the courtesy card has been sent out to you and there is no response from you, your name and other information will be removed from the club. If you later decide to rejoin the club you will be charged a processing fee like all new members and you will be issued a new number.

Should there be extenuating circumstances that prevent you from paying your annual dues, please let one of the staff officers know immediately to avoid having this action taken.

Ralph Fajardo


Silver Strikers Club

Hot News 03-09-2008

Tentative schedule for our annual convention in Las Vegas

Dear members

This is a tentative schedule for the members of the Silver Strikers Club during the CC&GTCC;annual convention.

  1. Tuesday June 17, 2008 — Early bird trade session for silver strikers at the Four Queens Casino Between 6pm and 10pm.
  2. Wednesday June 18, 2008 — Open ( no club activity) If anyone has an activity they wish to conduct for the club, please inform one of the staff officers.
  3. Thursday June 19, 2008 — Silver Strikers Forum with guest speaker (s) 3pm, Silver strikers club meeting 5pm.
  4. Friday June 20, 2008 — Silver strikers anniversary party at the Fremont Hotel.  From 6pm to 10pm at the Platinum Room. 2nd trade session to be held there also during the party for those who missed the first trade session.
  5. Saturday June 21, 2008 — Open (No club activity).

The club is asking for any donations that will be used as door prizes during the club party. If anyone has something to donate, please contact any one of the officers of the club.

This is a tentative schedule for the annual meeting of the silver strikers members.  If any changes occur, members will be notified.

Ralph Fajardo


Silver Strikers Club

Hot News 02-28-2008


The staff and I would like to convey our profound condolences to the family of Mr Larry Trostle who was a great member of the Silver Strikers Club.  We will miss him dearly.

Ralph Fajardo


Silver Strikers Club

Hot News 02-13-2008


Message to all club members.

The current staff are in office to organize, as well as facilitate the needs and concerns of the membership. None of the staff receives any perks nor do they receive any monetary rewards.

If you're able to write concerns on the strike point site, then you should be able to go to the site of the "Club Officials". On this site you will find all of the staff officials, their e mail addresses, phone numbers, and home addresses.  Should you have a club concern, you may contact any one of these officials to remedy your concern.

If you've been a members for awhile, you should know where and when to send in your dues. Although there was a delay in reminding members, this was due to the fact that the roster needed to be audited and redone. In doing so, it was discovered that 158 members were late in the dues. Leroy took it upon himself to develop a courtesy reminder card to present to members were late in their dues.

We (the staff) cannot prevent you from grand standing your concerns on the strike point site. However, this will only lead to creating animosity between members.  This should be a club that helps each other reach their goals and not a group to piss and moan.

We're asking the membership to support the club and try to move it forward. If we are failing in certain areas, then let us know a better direction or a better decision we could pursue.

Finally if you feel you are more capable of handling the affairs of this club then you should run for office.

Ralph Fajardo

President Silver Strikers Club

Hot News 02-12-2008


2008 Club Coin Ballot PDF Document

Pam Martin

Hot News 02-12-2008


All Members

Upon updating the rosters it was found that there were 158 members that failed to submit their annual dues. Cards were made and sent to members to remind them of their due dates. Just a reminder that efforts should be made to assure that the annual dues are being paid.

If you attended the Four Queens slot tournament, you know that it was very successful.  I'm sure that everyone who participated enjoyed it. The token given to all participants was excellent. Hopefully with this success, we may be able to encourage other casinos to hold tournaments.

I believe that the annual convention will be on June 18th to the 21st, and will be held at the Riveira Hotel. We are currently looking into having a table to advertise our club and it's functions. We are also looking for members who could volunteer to man the table. Looking forward to seeing you there.

All activities pertaining to the convention will be handled by 2nd Vice President Dan Hanagriff. If you have any info or suggestions, please notify Hanagriff.

Ralph Fajardo

President Silver Strikers club

Hot News 01-17-2008



Look out Vegas, here we come! Hope ya'll have signed up for this great event.  Once again we will be meeting friends, having a great time and playing for strikes.

Talk about playing for Strikes, here we go.

Slots A Fun has a new red cap and its a beauty, this one will look great along side of our 2007 club strike. I know its one Bill and Nancy Metten are looking forward too.  Of course Slots A Fun new $200 will be available. These two strikes have been a long time coming but I know there are many of us who will be happy to finally add them to our collection.

Sam's Town has been approved for new strikes and the good news is there is a possibility that two new strikes will be available for play at tournament time. Another great surprise for strikers. Be sure and checkout Sam's Town during your stay.

Fremont does have their $40 strike in play but the $10 strike machine is stored at this time. They are working on new $10 strikes at this time.

Don't forget the Palms has their new Playboy's out. As always the Playboy's are so popular so be sure to get your series of these.

Four Queens will have a new red caps and a new $200 during tournament plus all participants in the tournament will receive a Tournament Token. There will be a welcoming party, trade session, tournament play and awards banquet. What more could be ask for??

Its tournament time again and I am looking forward to seeing everyone, hope you can make it.

Pam Martin

Hot News 01-15-2008


I was just thinking of how much we all say how much the 4 Queens does for us strikers. And I agree, they do. It seems though that we never really give that same phrase to the Slots A Fun Casino and their staff. After all, they did buy the strike machines, they do make sure they have new strikes for us to play for including red caps. And including new $200s. Heck, the Slots A Fun even made a red cap of OUR clubs strike. I sure would say they are very much our friends and I am only guessing that if we could not do our meetings at the 4 Queens the Slot A Fun people just might help us out.

Dennis, SS-094

Hot News 01-12-2008


From Dan SS club 2nd vice-president

If you do not receive a SS club newsletter eather by e-mail or PostOffice mail.  Depending on which way you want it sent to you. Please -- DO NOT -- DO NOT -- e-mail or call Larry or Kathy Archer or me (Dan). And ask us to send you a newsletter, because your request will only be forwarded Leroy Rico. You need to e-mail Leroy Rico at: This way Leroy will have the right information to try to get the newsletter to you. As well as update the club roster and any other club records. So that he will have the correct information for future needs including the newsletter e-mailing & Post Office mailing of it.

Those of us who are doing the club newsletter can only e-mail the newsletter to members or furnish information to the printer for the Post Office mailing of the newsletter.  According to the information that is recieved by us from the keeper of the club roster & records. At the time the club newsletter is to be e-mailed or Post Office mailed to the SS club members.

Thank you,