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Hot News 12-09-2010

President's Message

Hi All,

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season. I'm sending this note to remind you that time is running out on a couple of important items.


Nominations for new officers are due by 12-23-10. Please notify Carol Chrzanowski at or call (909) 882-1694 with your nominations. Becky Bottemiller has agreed to continue as Newsletter Editor if the new 2nd Vice President wishes her to do so, and Judy Barton will be running for a third term as Treasurer.


Submissions for the Club Strike Design Contest for 2011 ends on 12-30-10.

For additional information on either item, please review your Fall 2010 newsletter.

Hope to see you in January,

B Jollie

Hot News 10-19-2010

Halloween $300 Release Change

The new Four Queens $300 strike will be released on: Friday, October 29, 2010 at 1:00 p.m.

Pam Martin

Hot News 09-05-2010

Current News Item

New Club Bylaws posted.

Board of Directors

Hot News 09-02-2010

Club Membership Application Changes

As of August 1, 2010, the processing fee for new members has been eliminated.  For those new members who have paid processing fees in August, they will be refunded.  Also the grace period for late dues has been reduced from 60 days to 30 days.

Bill Jollie

Hot News 08-09-2010

Club Dues

As of August 1, 2010, the club dues will be $10 per year. This decision was made by the board after a discussion during the annual club meeting.

Bill Jollie

Hot News 08-07-2010

Strike Tournament

Thanks to Judy Barton we have pictures of the Summer Tournament and CC&GTCC Convention.

2010 Summer Strike Tournament

2010 CC&GTCC Convention.


Hot News 07-20-2010

New Club Logo

We now have a new Club logo Designed by Jamie Martin. We will enjoy it for many years to come. At our annual club party a plaque was awarded to Jamie and each of the finalists received a club strike in a presentation box. Don‘t forget this year is the only year we will have the old logo on one side and the new logo on the other side.  If you have not purchased a strike it is not too late as we still have a few left.  Jamie and Jo New logo

Jo Riefer

Hot News 07-20-2010

January 2011 Tournament

Tournament dates 28, 29, 30 Jan 2011.

Jeff Bitzer

Hot News 07-12-2010

Four Queens Strikes

The Four Queens will release the Queen of Diamonds $200 on Friday August 27, 2010.  There will be a $10.00 red cap in the strike machines for play. The red cap $10.00 was release before and it was release of a clad strike, this $10.00 red cap will be silver.

Hope everyone can make it. $200 strike PDF Document   $10 strike PDF Document

Pam Martin

Hot News 06-12-2010

Silver Strikers Club Forum & Events

Forum & Events information here PDF Document.


Pam Martin

Hot News 05-24-2010

Silver Strikers Club Schedule of Events

Convention week schedule of Events PDF Document.

Bill Jollie


Silver Strikers Club

Hot News 04-24-2010

Greetings, fellow strikers

Attached are the banking statements January thru March 2010. We have also filed the tax reports also with the governments - don‘t have to pay - but still have to file.

Balance Sheet PDF Document      Profit & Loss Statement PDF Document

Yours in Striking -

Judy Barton


Silver Strikers Club

Hot News 04-15-2010

Newsletter Correction

This is a correction for the information that was published in our Club Newsletter.  When announcing the winners for the Silver Strikers Design Contest in the newsletter it states that Colin Highet won second place. It should have read second place went to Jim Dalzell. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Newsletter Staff

Hot News 03-29-2010

Four Queens Tournament Strike

Click the link below to see the tournament strike approval.

1/4 LB. My Little Deuce Coupe Strike PDF Document

Pam Martin

Hot News 03-26-2010

Sam‘s Town Strikes

Strikes to be released in June.  Click the links below to see the strike.

$200 strike PDF Document   $10 strike PDF Document

Thanks to Bill Cohenour

Hot News 03-23-2010

Four Queens Strike

Should be released June 19 or 20, 2010, Red Capsule.  Click the link below to see the strike.

$10 My Little Deuce Coupe Strike PDF Document

Pam Martin

Hot News 03-20-2010

Four Queens Strikes

To be released Friday May 14, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. I will post the $10 Helldorado when I receive it. Click the link below to see the strikes.

$200 Strike PDF Document

Pam Martin

Hot News 03-15-2010

Silver Strike Logo Contest Results

I want to thank all who participated. There are certainly some very creative minds in our club. Everyone except the 1st place winner is invited to re-submit their designs next year. You never know, you just might win.

The Winner of the Silver Strikers Club Logo Contest Is: Design #10 by Jamie Martin.

  • 2nd place #5 by Jim Dalzell
  • 3rd place #11 by Walt Johnson
  • 4th place #9 by Cheri Jollie
  • 5th place #2 by Robert Likes
  • 6th place #7 by Pam Martin
  • 7th place #12 by Carol Chrznowski
  • 8th place #6 by Walt Johnson
  • 9th place #8 by James McFadden
  • 10th place #3 by Warren Schaefer
  • 11th place #4 by Jim Kingwill
  • 12th place #13 by Jim Mitz
  • 13th place #1 by Jim Kingwill

Club Coin finalists with names designs PDF Document.

Bill Jollie, President, SS-473

Hot News 03-06-2010

June Tournament Strikes

Click the links below to see the strikes.

$200 Strike PDF Document     $10 Strike PDF Document

Pam Martin

Hot News 03-04-2010

Happy St. Patrick‘s Day

May the luck of the Irish be with all especially those who are lucky enough to be heading to Vegas for the Four Queens release of the St. Patrick‘s Day $200. It is a beauty! Friday March 19, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. There will be a red cap to go with the $200, good luck and have a great time.

Sam‘s Town has released another one of their cars and will continue to release them as they reorder strikes.

The Four Queens will be releasing their Helldorado Days $200 on Friday May 14, 2010 at 10:00 a.m.

Don‘t forget to check out the Four Queens Summer Silver Strike Slot Tournament June 20, 21, and 22, 2010. There is a link to the information on the club‘s home page.  June 23, 2010 starts CC&GTCC annual convention at South Point.

The Four Queens has two tournament coins available at the cage if any one missed out you can still get one.

Pam Martin

Hot News 02-13-2010



An error was found in the Coin Contest Selection Process.

The error was pointed out to both the president of the club and the contest committee.  A discussion and response was asked for and received from the grievance chair. The board met and determined that a correction had to be made and it was unanimously voted by the 3 members in attendance to correct the mistake. We would have to take a step back and nullify the current votes and ask the entire membership to revote on the semi-finalists, as selected by the committee. This correction was agreed to by all responsible. By taking this step back it corrects the mistake. Please take your time to review all 13 semifinalists, and then select your choice for logo. Only choose one and e-mail/mail your choice to Jo Reifer. Both her e-mail and snail mail address are on the form on the last page. If you select more than one drawing for our new logo your first choice will be the only one counted. If we can‘t determine which new logo you are voting for, your vote will not be counted.

The voting deadline is March 10th. Any votes received after that date will not be counted.

This is so we can produce the new coin prior to the convention.

A full explanation will be in the next newsletter.

Please vote today so you don‘t forget.  Thank you for your help and prompt attention.

Bill Jollie, President, SS-473