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Hot News 12-02-2011

Club Coin Contest

I would like to thank all the club members who entered the contest. They are all winners. Special thanks to Jeff Bitzer for posting the reminders and the information on how to enter the contest. A very special thank you to Jo Riefer for all the hard work she has put into the computer enhancing of the entries that requested it be done.

Al Lukacs

Hot News 11-10-2011

Club Coin Contest

Just a reminder that the closing date for entries is November 30th. All the pertinent information can be found by clicking on the Club Coin Contest Rules banner at the top of this page.

Good Luck,

Al Lukacs

Hot News 10-30-2011

Friday Night at the Mirage - Silver Strikes Update

They have been filming Terry Fator and his wife at the Silver Strike machines playing for the new Terry Fator strikes.

It's a promotional tape to be used in the near future. Both Terry Fator and his wife played $50 each and won 5 strikes each which was given out to the crowd and Mr. Fator signed the strikes. What a great night.

Bill and Sue got a strike with Charlie and they had a ball.

Mirage is getting more strikes delivered tomorrow. I really think this will change the world of striking. Not only does this advertise Terry Fator strikes but all strikes and collecting strikes.

I had two collectors tell me today that they played for the Four Queens strikes but didn't go over to the El Cortez or Mirage but would have if their strikes had been colorized. They expressed that they like the colorized so well they would collect them even though they are clad.

I have had quite a few phone calls and all have been so positive, it sure is nice. Wish we were there but everyone has helped by keeping me in good updates.

Pam Martin

Hot News 10-26-2011

Silver Strikes Update

Just received an update about the release of strikes for this week.

Mirage --- They now have 2 machines, full of strikes near the Revolution Lounge.  They have released two new $10 strikes featuring the characters of Terry Fator.  They will be accepting 30 strikes to exchange for their upcoming $300. The $300 strike should be available NO LATER than Saturday 10/29.

El Cortez --- They will have a machine ready to be played maybe on Thursday, but no later than Friday 10/29.

Four Queens --- Their 2 new colored capsules are available in the machines today with the $300 to be released on Friday 10/28.


Hot News 10-19-2011


Four Queens will be releasing their new Halloween $300 on Friday October 28, 2011 at 10:00 am. Their red and blue cap should be in their strike machines for play on Thursday October 27, 2011. The Mirage is planning on having the Terry Fator strikes in their strike machines Friday October 28, 2011. There will be two or three $10 strikes to play for. Be sure to check out their strike machine, should be great fun playing the new reels. Their $300 will be available at the later date.

The El Cortez plans on having their strike machine in play by Friday October 28, 2011 with one or two strikes available.

Have a Happy Halloween

Pam Martin

Hot News 09-23-2011

2012 Strike Tournament

Four Queens Winter Silver Strike Tournament Flyer below:

Four Queens Winter Tournament Flyer PDF Dosument Version

Four Queens Winter Tournament Flyer JPEG Version

Pam Martin

Hot News 09-19-2011


Terry Fator and his cast of characters will be waiting for strikers this Halloween at the Mirage. The Silver Strikers Club just received the first three scans of approvals:

 1) a $10 strike featuring Winston
 2) a $10 strike featuring Walter
 3) a $300 strike featuring Terry Fator surrounded by his cast of characters

Plus there are more to come. The characters on the strikes really look awesome.  Terry Fator and his group have created some unique ideas that will make playing for these strikes a lot of fun.

This is only the beginning, more good news coming soon!!

Marage $300 PDF Document Version

Marage $10 Walter PDF Document Version Marage $10 Winston PDF Document Version

Mirage $300 JPEG Version

Marage $10 Walter JPEG Version Marage $10 Winston JPEG Version

Pam Martin

Hot News 08-15-2011

Four Queens Strike Approvals

Halloween Silver Strike Approvals. One $10 red cap .999 silver Girl & Pumpkin. One $10 blue cap clad Clown limited to 500. One $300 Queen of Halloween 2011. See images below.

Four Queens $300 PDF Document Version

Four Queens $10 Redcap PDF Document Version Four Queens $10 Bluecap PDF Document Version

Four Queens $300 JPEG Version

Four Queens $10 Redcap JPEG Version Four Queens $10 Bluecap JPEG Version

Pam Martin

Hot News 07-13-2011

Lots of Pictures

Pictures of the Summer Silver Strike Tournament, Silver Strikers Forum and Summer Silver Strike Tournament, Silver Strikers Forum  Pictures of the Summer Silver Strike Tournament

Jim Quinn


Hot News 06-30-2011

New Sam's Town Strikes

We have recently put it in 2 more tokens in our machines. This will complete the 5 car set. They are a 1965 GT 350 and a 1970 Firebird.

I am working on a $300 token and I will let you know when we have it designed.

Hal Welch

Slot Manager

Hot News 06-09-2011

President's Message

Hello Silver Strikers,

The best time of the year for our club is upon us. That's right!  Our annual Forum, Club Meeting, and "can't stop talking about it" Party.  I am looking forward to seeing each of you in Vegas.

Please remember that all activities are being conducted at the Four Queens Hotel & Casino located in downtown Vegas (see web site for dates and times).  Speaking of the Four Queens, if you haven't signed up for their slot tournament, don't delay. It is Monday and Tuesday, June 20-21, 2011, during our annual get together. I hear the quarter pound silver token looks great. Also this year, the Four Queens will have a .999 fine silver Delta Queen red cap, a limited edition Delta Queen (bird on bridge) blue cap, and a $300 Silver Strike of the Delta Queen.

I can't wait to share what's going on at the Mirage, El Cortez, and Circus Circus with everyone.

Hope to see you there!

Bill Jollie

Hot News 04-28-2011

Four Queens Strike Approvals

Summer Strike Tournament Silver Strike Approvals. One $10 red cap .999 silver The Delta Queen Home of the River Boat Gamblers, one $10 blue cap clad Delta Queen Eagle limited to 500, one $300 The Delta Queen Home of the River Boat Gamblers. See images below.

Four Queens $300 PDF Document Version

Four Queens $10 Redcap PDF Document Version Four Queens $10 Bluecap PDF Document Version

Four Queens $300 JPEG Version

Four Queens $10 Redcap JPEG Version Four Queens $10 Bluecap JPEG Version

Pam Martin

Hot News 04-22-2011

Four Queen's Summer Strikes

This summer the strikes will be Riverboats, The Delta Queen, one red cap, .999 silver, one $300, .999 silver, and quarter pound tournament coin for all participates in the tournament.

Hope to see you there,

Pam Martin

Hot News 03-29-2011

Four Queen's Gypsy $300 Pickup

For those who have not received your Four Queens $300 silver strike please send your check or money order and receipt to:

Shaun Webster, Slot Manager
C/O The Four Queens Hotel and Casino
202 Fremont Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Include your check or money order, receipt and address.

p.s. Shaun will hold the $300 until tournament if you wish to pick up at that time.

Pam Martin

Hot News 03-15-2011

Four Queen's Gypsy $300 Release

The Four Queen's Gypsy $300 will be released Friday March 18, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. this works out well as he will also have the new St. Patrick's Day red caps in the strike machines on Wednesday. So all these lucky people who can get to Vegas for St. Patrick's Day have a great time.

Pam Martin

Hot News 03-03-2011

Four Queens Summer Strike Tournament

Summer Strike Tournament June 20 & 21 Flyer below.

Four Queens Summer Strike Tournament Flyer PDF Document Version Four Queens Summer Strike Tournament Flyer JPEG Version

Pam Martin

Hot News 02-16-2011

Silver Strike News

Four Queens Carmen Amaya $300 Strike - Shaun Webster had the prototype delivered on 2-14-11, and the gaming prototype was delivered 2-15-11. They are in the process of minting the strikes, and then they will be sent for the gold plating. It looks like we can expect them to be back in Vegas sometime during the first two weeks of March. They should be able to give us a fairly accurate delivery date by the first of March.

Not only is Sunshine busy minting strikes, they are working on artwork; and lots of it. El Cortez is working on artwork for their new house strikes, as well as a red cap. The Mirage is looking at some artwork using Terry Fator. That's a great idea. He has lots of characters that should look real cute in clad or silver. The Mirage is also considering red caps. Circus Circus has Silver Strike machines, but we are still waiting to hear if they are looking at artwork.

I know everyone is excited with all the casinos bringing back their Silver Strike Program, but keep in mind that all of this will take time. I am looking towards the end of May/first of June to get all the Silver Strike machines back in these casinos and loaded with strikes.

Remember, the Four Queens Silver Strike Tournament is scheduled for June 20-21, 2011; and the CC&GTCC Convention is June 22-25, 2011. Looks like we will have a great time at tournament and convention with more casinos to get Silver Strikes from and lots of people to see.

Pam Martin

Hot News 02-06-2011


A special thanks to Sean Saar, Sunshine Mint, and Shaun Webster, Four Queens, who have kept the Silver Strike program alive. The Four Queens Silver Strike Tournament has kept this group together with Shaun and Todd running a perfect tournament for Silver Strikers. These last two years the tournament has increased in participation as well as the club picking up new members each year.

Sunshine Mint has all rights to the Silver Strike program and things are already in full gear. The first definite yes was from Rick Ronca at the El Cortez. As the El Cortez starts celebrating their 70th anniversary in May they plan on having two silver strike machines with four new house strikes and a red cap by June for CC&GTCC convention. I know there are many collectors who love the anniversary strikes and knowing Rick I am sure he will surprise us with some good looking strikes. Sunshine has been talking with the Mirage and Circus Circus and this is just the beginning. Convention is going to be great this year so everyone needs to start making plans for this June to be in Vegas. The Four Queens is having their Silver Strike Tournament on Monday and Tuesday June 20, 21, 2011, with convention starting Thursday and our club party Friday night.

Pam Martin

Hot News 02-04-2011

Four Queen's Tournament January 2011

Not everyone got a picture since the camera failed and some were just too blurry to use. Also I got some names and spelling from other people. They could be in error. I could only put the names on the ones I know.

Four QueensTournament January 2011 PDF Document

Jo Riefer

Hot News 01-03-2011

Sam's Town Strkes in Play

Sam's Town has four new strikes available for play, the four are from the original 12 cars which were approve last year. 70 Firebird, 71 AAR Cuda, 71 Formula 400, 71 Roadrunner.

Pam Martin

Hot News 01-03-2011

Four Queens Strike Approvals

The new $300 Silver Strike has been approved by Nevada Gaming, a 6 ounce center with a copper ring which is gold plated. The first new $300 Silver Strike will be released the weekend of the Four Queens Silver Strike Slot Tournament. Both the red cap and the $300 silver strike match the Four Queens Tournament Coin. Artwork for the Four Queens Silver Strike Tournament $300 Silver Strike and the red cap has been approved. There is only one red cap at the Four Queens during tournament weekend.

Four Queens $300 PDF Document,  Four Queens $10 RedCap PDF Document

Four Queens $300 JPEG,  Four Queens $10 RedCap JPEG

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Four Queens Tournament.

Pam Martin

Hot News 01-02-2011

Silver Strike of the Year and Hall of Fame Finalists

See the SSOY & HOF Voting info here Silver Strike of the Year and Hall of Fame Finalists PDF Document,   Silver Strike of the Year and Hall of Fame Finalists JPEG Image

Sue Cohenour