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Archived News 2020

Hot News 12-16-2020

Nominations for - 2020 "Strike Of The Year" & "Hall Of Fame Strike

SSOY and HOF nominations 2020

Al varelas, SS-1654
Hall of Fame & Strike of the Year Chair

Hot News 11-12-2020

Four Queens January 2021 Tournament

To our Silver Strike Family

Due to the increasing number of COVID cases in all states we are not going to have a January 2021 Silver Strike Tournament. Keeping your safety as a top priority comes first to us. The Silver Strike Tournament will hopefully go on in June as that is our intent. If cases go down or if a vaccine gets approved and released we will have a St. Patrick's Day coin release. We hope you understand that all of you are very important to us.

Shaun Webster, SS-1093

Hot News 07-28-2020

Four Queens Halloween Strikes

There will not be a Halloween 2020 silver strike release this year (COVID19).

Shaun Webster, SS-1093

Hot News 06-18-2020A

Coushatta Casino Strike Approvals

25th Anniversary PDF Document

Lobster PDF Document

Mardi Gras PDF Document

Tribe Design PDF Document

Denny Garcia
Dynasty Games-702-498-6734 (Vegas).

Hot News 06-18-2020

Silver Strike Machines Coushatta Casino, Kinder, Louisiana

The three Silver Strike games were delivered to the Coushatta Casino in Kinder Louisiana on 6-15-20 with Gaming Tokens.

Games went live on their slot floor today 6-17-20. Getting good play.

Coushatta Casino
Slot Director-Warren Davidson
Slot Shift Manager-Days-Joseph (Jody) Savant

If you go please introduce yourself-Warren and Jody say “Welcome”.

Denny Garcia
Dynasty Games-702-498-6734 (Vegas).

Hot News 06-06-2020

The Strike Point & Chip Message Boards Update

Friday June 5th - Strike Point Message Board up and running but crashed again a few hours later.

Saturday June 6th - Strike Point Message Board up and running once again for now.

UPDATE JUNE 5TH FROM: David Spragg (lives in the UK) BBS Message Board Admin Right now I don't know if the problem is fixed or not. I've got the BB's back online for testing only.

The server has been running since 10a.m. this morning my time so I spent 8 hours backing it up in its entirety in case I have to move to a replacement box.

Worst case anything posted between now and when it crashes for good will be lost.

I do have an automated incremental backup which runs every morning at 10 my time but this is not a complete backup (obviously, as a full one takes 8 hours). So theoretically the only data loss would be anything posted between the last incremental backup and crash time.

So right now I am just leaving it up to see what happens.

Server company has already given me a 'spare' server for 3 months so if I do have to move it should only take me a few days. If that does happen I'll put the redirect to my message that's been there the past few days back on again, but if it crashes while I'm asleep I can't do much until the a.m.

Al Varelas SS-1654
HOF - SOTY Committee Chair

Hot News 06-05-2020

The Strike Point & Chip Message Boards

As Of June 4, 2020
Info From Dave Spragg - Admin For Our BBS Message Board .....
Having a major hardware issue with the server right now, affecting all BB's including The Strike Point & Chip Message Boards.
He will update as soon as more information is available .

Al Varelas SS-1654
HOF - SOTY Committee Chair

Hot News 04-10-2020A

Four Queens June Tournament Postponement

Four Queens June Tournament Postponement PDF Document

Shaun Webster, SS-1093

Hot News 04-10-2020

Four Queens Silver Strike Ideas

2020 Nose Cone Beauties, nothing approved yet, just ideas.

D-Day Doll

Diamond Lil

Hello Sailor

Memphis Bell

Night Rescue

Sweet Lorraine

Yellow Rose

Shaun Webster, SS-1093

Robert Hammes Passing

Robert Hammes added to the club memorials page.  Click the Silver Strikers Memorials link on the left side of the home page.

Jo Riefer, CHSS-33
Club Coin Co-Chair

Hot News 04-02-2020

Club Coin Order Form

Club Coin Order Form


Hot News 02-27-2020

Play, Banquet, & Awards Pictures

Pictures by Gabe Dobos, SS-703


Hot News 02-18-2020

Four Queens March 2020 Strike Approvals

January 2020 strike approvals. Design sides only PDF Document

If the above link doesn't work paste the below link into your web browser:

Shaun Webster, SS-1093

Hot News 02-02-2020

On-line voting for club coin and HOF-SSOY

SSOY and HOF Ballot


Hot News 01-13-2020

Plaza Casino Free Play for Silver Strikers

Plaza Casino Free Play PDF Document


Archived News 2020