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Advertising Rate Information.

Advertising rates for paid sponsors are only $5 per month (minimum 4 months) or $50 a year.

How To Get Started?

When you are ready, compose your ad and follow the steps below to get started!

  1. Email a copy of your ad to the club President for approval, with copy to the club webmaster.
  2. Once the club president has approved the ad, you will receive an email from the club treasurer with payment information.
  3. Once the club treasurer accepts your payment an email will be sent to the club webmaster stating the length of time the ad is to run (minimum 4 months).
  4. Club webmaster will work with the advertiser to place ad on club web site.

Bill Cohenour's Comprehensive Nevada Silver Strike Reference Catalog - $30.00 + Shipping
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Bill Cohenour's Comprehensive North America (Non Nevada) Reference Catalog - $30.00 + Shipping
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Warren Schaefer SS-185 -