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Mosaic of Silver Strikes

Silver Strikers

Are you a Silver Strike Collector?

You know those commemorative coins from the casinos!
There is a club you can join and meet with friends who have the same interest. There is a national network out there waiting to trade, buy or sell silver strikes.
The Club holds events each year in Las Vegas welcoming all to attend for friendship, trading, education and fun. The Club publishes 2 newsletters annually, which will keep you abreast of the latest news about casinos and updates you on new issues of Silver Strikes.

Fill out our application and join in the fun!

What is a Silver Strike?

The definition is Limited Edition silver token won from slot machines and is in a protective plastic holder. Some call them "Silver Premium Tokens", but most of us just call them "Silver Strikes". These tokens are issued in many casinos throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Cruise Ships. The first of these tokens were won from slot machines in the Reno/Tahoe area of Nevada in 1992.
The tokens have been issued with redeemable values of $2, $3, $5, $7, $10, $12, $20, $28, $40, $200, $300 and range in size from 1-1/2 inches to 3-1/2 inches in diameter depending on the value. The $200 & $300 are the only Silver Strikes to be paid by the attendant, due to its size and weight.  The $12 tokens are from cruise ships.
The current Silver Strikes being issued today are almost all $10 denominations, with some $300 strikes. However, the machines in use today have the capability to dispense $40 strikes. All of the $2, $3, $5, $7, $20 & $28 Silver Strike machines have been removed from play for some time. To see an image of what a $2, $3, $7, $10, $20, $28, $40 and $200 strike looks like, click on this link.  Silver Strike Images The $300 strike looks the same as a $200 strike.

Colored Capsules are considered chaser strikes, normally they are lower mintage, but that has not always been the case. A few casino's put older strikes in colored capsules in the past but as of 10/16/11 those casinos no longer have strike machines in play. Images of filling the current machines with strikes, Filling of a Silver Strike Machine.

Strike Composition

$2 and $3 strikes are made of Brass.
$7 strikes are .999 Silver with approximate weight of 0.65 troy ounces.
$10 strikes have a .999 Silver center insert (additional center info here), outer ring is Brass (additional rim info here), approximate Silver weight is 0.60 troy ounces of Silver. Sometime in 2005, a new thinner center insert strikes with less silver (~ 0.50) appeared. In 2009 CLAD (no .999) $10 strikes appeared, even some red capsules. However, the red capsules should return to .999 silver.
$20 strikes have a .999 Silver outer ring with some 24kt Heavy Electroplating (HE) and a Bronze 24kt Heavy Gold Electroplate (HGE) on the center insert, approximate Silver weight is 0.75 troy ounces of Silver.
$28 strikes are .999 Silver with 24kt Gold Plating (GP), approximate Silver weight is 0.65 troy ounces.
$40 strikes are .999 Silver with 24K Heavy Electroplate (HE), approximate Silver weight is 1.54 troy ounces for the large size $40 strikes and 1.26 troy ounces for the small size $40 strikes.
$200 strikes are 1 troy Pound (12 ounces) of Silver and may have some 24kt Heavy Electroplating or for the newer RWM mint strikes may have colorization.
$300 strikes are 1 troy Pound (12 ounces) of Silver and may have some 24kt Heavy Electroplating.  Beginning 2011 the new $300's were changed to a 6 troy ounces center with a gold plated copper ring. Beginning March 2013 the $300's were changed to 6 troy ounces solid silver.

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Mint Marks to Mints
AM  American Mint
AN  American National Mint
APM  American Pacific Mint
CC  Continental Coin Corporation
CM  Columbia Mint
CT  Casino Tokens
F  Franklin Mint
FC  First Commemorative Mint, Farmingdale, NY
FM  Franklin Mint
G  Global Minting
GD  Green Duck
gd  Green Duck
GDC  Green Duck Corporation
HH  Hoffman & Hoffman
JCM  Jacques Cartier Mint
J  Jani Mint
JM  Jani Mint
LM  Letcher Mint 1972 to 1991
LM  Lancaster Mint 1991 to 1994
LM  Lancaster Mint changed name to Global Minti ng late 1994
MIC  ?
NC  Nevada City
NCM  Nevada Coin Mart (Nevada Coin Minting)
NWTM  Northwest Territorial Mint
OC  Osborne Coinage
OCC  Osborne Coinage
OPM  Ohio Precious Metals
PM  Pobjoy Mint
RMC  Rocky Mountain Coin
RW  Roger Williams Mint
RWM  Roger Williams Mint
S  Sunshine Mint
SS  ?
SSM  Silver State Mint
TPM  The Perth Mint
TWM  Roger Williams Mint
USM  United Silver Mint

Unfortunate, but Necessary Disclaimer...

By John F. Miller

The Silver Strikers Website and Newsletter exist to promote the hobby. As such, both publicize events and information that are of interest to Silver Strikers. It is important to note that members understand that some of these events are NOT club events and are NOT controlled by the club. The Silver Strikers Tournament is an example of one of these events that is organized by a casino, with the help of some volunteers, and invites both members and non-members to participate. Although this event attracts many club members and a good time is had by all who attend, it is still not a club event. Many of us send out our personal thanks to those who work so hard to organize such events that provide an opportunity for members to meet and have fun. The newsletter and web site will continue to publicize such events, free of charge, as they are of interest to our members.

*** This Website Is Provided To The Public For Educational Information About Silver Strikes ***