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*If you have new news events on Silver Strikes please email the Club Webmaster.  Please note that items of a rumor type will only be included with a *rumor* statement attached to it. Always looking for news items about upcoming strikes, so if you have contact with a Slot Manager or similar casino personnel please have them email the Club Webmaster directly. The better the contact database is the better the information is for all the Silver Strikers.

Hot News 02-05-2018

Club Coin Voting

Click the link at the top of the page.


Hot News 01-14-2018

Four Queens Strike Releases and Tournament Dates

St. Patrick's Day $300 release March 16 at 10am.

June Tournament Dates 22-24. $300 release 23th at 5 pm.


Hot News 01-01-2018

SSOY & HOF Voting

Voting for SSOY & HOF form is now available.

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Board of Directors

Hot News 11-30-2017

Four Queens $40 Strike Machine

PDF Version

JPEG Version

Shaun Webster, SS-1093

Hot News 11-21-2017

Four Queens Winter 2018 Strike Tournament

PDF Version

Page 1 - JPEG Version

Page 2 - JPEG Version

Shaun Webster, SS-1093

Hot News 09-04-2017

To Silver Striker Membership

The new dates for the January Four Queens tournament have been announced and are posted here on our website.

It is not too early to be looking for airfare to Las Vegas only 144 more days to go.

Lots of things going on, Club Coin Contest starts October 1th and nominations for officers start October 15th, so plenty of time to plan.

Speaking of planning, January is our "BIG PARTY" with food and prizes. Yes, prizes that you all bring for the giant give a way. Something from your home state or something special for you to bring as prizes for all to enjoy. Don't be shy bring more than one "something".

New club officers will also be sworn in at our annual club meeting so either volunteer yourself or nominate someone during the nomination period.

Jeff Bitzer, SS-291

Hot News 09-01-2017

January Tournament Dates

January tournament dates are January 26-28, 2018.

Shaun Webster, SS-1093